A four-man partnership (Coleman, Jenkins, Williams, and McCoy) started Enwright Associates, Inc. on February 14, 1968. The four provided civil engineering, surveying, and structural engineering services. The Lawyer's building in downtown Greenville served as the firm's first office location.

During the 1970s, Enwright grew and diversified into six different areas of architectural and engineering practice: military, land development, commercial/institutional, industrial, utilities, and municipal. In 1978, Enwright organized a holding company to act as a parent management group to three subsidiaries: Enwright Surveying, Enwright Laboratories, and Enwright Architectural and Engineering.

During the mid-1980s, Enwright changed from a diversified company to a firm specializing in planning, architecture, and engineering. Wellness, Healthcare, Educational, and Corporate facilities became the firm's focus. Enwright's first Wellness Center opened in 1989, at that time one of the first wellness centers in the country.

Corporate and institutional work remains the firm's focus, with wellness now a national market.
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