Cost Control

Cost control starts with a thorough evaluation of the program and the estimated cost of building the program space that is projected. No design exists at this point; therefore the cost estimate requires both a great deal of conceptual skill and experience.

We rely on an independent cost estimator for general guidance until schematic drawings are complete and the first formal estimate can be developed.

Assuming Enwright's integrated project delivery system is being utilized, a General Contractor will come on board before design development is complete. His estimators further critique the design and begin developing the first GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) estimate. Upon completion of the design development drawings, the Contractor will propose the formal GMP for approval by the Owner. With approximately 35% of the design completed, the maximum building cost becomes fixed��a major advantage of this delivery method.
  • Conceptual Estimate

  • Progress Checks

  • Early Contractor Selection

  • Guaranteed Maximum Price

  • Contingencies
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