Enwright's project delivery process features four phases of development. Each of the phases, although described separately, often overlap as project teams work to provide better control of time, cost, and quality.

Predesign begins with an idea and extends through several stages of development to define the project. Typical activities include marketing and feasibility studies, site selection, master planning, and facility programming.

Design begins with the development of alternative architectural concepts, leading to the development of a single concept with sufficient definition to establish a "design freeze" point.

When the design is approved, the team works to complete the construction documents as quickly as possible. The team will often work in conjunction with contractors. Preconstruction services provided by the contractor include value engineering, constructability reviews, and the establishment of an early guaranteed maximum price (GMP).

Construction of the facility is the fourth and final phase, often starting during the completion of the detailed design and documentation.
  • PreDesign

  • Design

  • PreConstruction

  • Construction
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