Three predesign planning activities start the process. Designing the Process identifies the key participants and their roles, the major design activities, the critical decisions and their impact, and how the decisions will be made. Extended Client/Community Research, adds specific knowledge about your clients to our database, to be used later during design. Programming provides the basis for the design by detailing space requirements, goals, facts, concepts, and needs.

Creating the Architectural Design Concept comes next. Gaining our client's understanding of the design is paramount, so Enwright architects work with a number of graphic, modeling, and computer simulation tools as needed. Visits to other facilities at this point in the process often provide additional insight. The successful concept must also pass several tests, including cost verification, program verification, code analysis, risk analysis, and constructability review.

Once the concept is finalized and approved, we further develop the design in phases, allowing for Client input and review at each phase.
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