The Missing 80%

It's a pretty well-established fact that wellness centers attract only about 20% of the population. The reasons vary, but most people list these in the top four:
  • Not enough time
  • Fear of feeling stupid because they don't know how the club or equipment works
  • Fear of feeling athletically incompetent
  • Fear of feeling socially isolated
Given the health status of the population and the cost of healthcare in the United States, it is clear that new strategies are needed.

People like experiences that are fun and rewarding. Many years ago, Walt Disney described the mission of his proposed Disney World to investors as "a place to have fun and gain knowledge." He went about doing this by engaging people in many different ways, from rides, to theater, to magic, to music, to food.

A Sense of Community. Dr. Dean Ornish, the noted researcher, author and advocate for comprehensive lifestyle changes, has recently been quoted as follows: "The real epidemic in our culture is loneliness, depression and alienation. Many people don't have extended family that they see frequently, a church or synagogue that they attend regularly, or a stable job that they can rely on. We know that these things affect quality of life ´┐Żand our survival."

Dr. Ornish goes on to say: "If we don't deal with the underlying psychosocial, and emotional, and even spiritual dimensions, and focus only on behaviors such as diet and exercise, it's very hard to motivate people to make and maintain healthy lifestyle changes." He recommends such things as music, quiet spots, lectures, support groups and other ways that foster socialization and a sense of community.
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