Wellness Without Walls

What if everybody engaged in some form of exercise several times a week, or enrolled in nutrition classes, or checked their blood pressure and cholesterol levels? What if we became a nation that embraced wellness the way we do food and entertainment?

What will it take to make this vision a reality? What could be the role of the wellness center?

Actually, the transformation has already begun, and the answers include:
  • extensive publicity and education campaigns
  • Community-sponsored events, heart walks, "shrink-downs"
  • Fast-food menu changes
  • Corporate health programs
  • Financial incentives, including reduced insurance premiums, discounts and wellness bonuses
The wellness center can become the nucleus, the nerve center that manages and sustains this vision. By engaging people, not just as members, the wellness center is much more than a "club," engaging people through technology, health risk assessments, education and outreach programs. By networking and collaborating with other community groups and organizations, the wellness center builds support for a healthy community. When the community embraces wellness, everyone benefits - individuals, schools, hospitals, YMCAs and wellness centers.
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